Are Your Motorcycle Accessories Weighing You Down?

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Are Your Motorcycle Accessories Weighing You Down?

My name is Molly, and I love motor sports. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in getting amazing accessories for our bikes that we forget what we are doing to their performances! I will go over popular accessories, describe the benefits of each and let you know how those purchases could weigh down your bike. This is especially a problem if you use your bike for racing or go off road. You can accessorize your bike with useful products while maintaining a fabulous look, but it takes some planning. I'll help you decide what you need and help show you where to get it.

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Safety Gear To Invest In Before Your Long Boating Trip

If you are like the average boater, you already have a few safety items on deck that you keep around at all times just to be safe. However, if you are planning a longer trip offshore than what you usually do, it is definitely a good idea to invest in a few extra pieces. Most marine parts stores carry a wide range of different items that can be used for safety purposes or in emergency situations on a boat. Take a look at just a few that you should consider before you head out on the water for your longer boating trip. 

Electronic Flare

Regular flare kits are great because they allow you to send out a signal into the sky, but they are also very temporary. If you use up all of your signaling flares, it is nice to have an electronic one on board that you can also use. Electronic flares are handheld and have a really bright flashing light that you can wave around to get the attention of boaters that may be passing by or aircraft that could be flying over. You can also get electronic flares that can be set afloat in the water and sent out on a connected line that is secured to your boat. 

Instant Leak Plug Sealant

There are few things as scary as being far away from shore and realizing your boat has a leak and you are taking on water. Keeping a few good emergency plugs on hand is a good idea for any boater. However, in a pinch, these plugs may not be big enough to cover a gap and can be harder to maneuver into place. Instant leak plug sealant comes in a tub and is like a putty that slips into cracks, holes, and crevices. This stuff hardens almost instantly to stop leaks in their tracks. 

Water-Activated Safety Beacon

Before you head out on your long trip, make sure you clip a water-activated safety beacon on your life jacket. These lights are only activated when you get wet or when you land in the water, but what they do is stat flashing a bright signal light to let anyone in the area know that there is someone in the water. The beacons are small so they are not cumbersome to wear and will not get in the way, and their battery life is super long as well. 

Talk to a local marine store for more help.