Are Your Motorcycle Accessories Weighing You Down?

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Are Your Motorcycle Accessories Weighing You Down?

My name is Molly, and I love motor sports. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in getting amazing accessories for our bikes that we forget what we are doing to their performances! I will go over popular accessories, describe the benefits of each and let you know how those purchases could weigh down your bike. This is especially a problem if you use your bike for racing or go off road. You can accessorize your bike with useful products while maintaining a fabulous look, but it takes some planning. I'll help you decide what you need and help show you where to get it.

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3 Features To Consider In A Motorcycle Helmet

Buying a motorcycle helmet can often be a lot more difficult than it looks on the surface, mostly because motorcycle helmets come with a wide range of very useful features that can all provide very useful functionality. Listed below are three features to consider in a motorcycle helmet.


One of the first features that you should consider when buying a motorcycle helmet is Bluetooth functionality. One of the reasons that this is so useful is that it can allow you to do everything from taking calls to listening to your music directly from your phone without actually having to take both of your hands off of the handlebars of your bike.

In most cases, you can simply answer a call or skip to the next song simply by pressing a control module on the side of the helmet. In addition, if you have a passenger on the bike with you or are traveling with another motorcycle rider that also has a Bluetooth helmet, you can often pair the helmets together so that you can speak together without having to scream over the rushing wind or traffic.

Removable Liner

Another important feature to consider any motorcycle helmet is a removable liner. A removable liner is extremely vital because whenever you wear motorcycle helmet it is inevitable that you are going to sweat a little bit, even if you are writing your motorcycle in the winter. All of that sweat can build up inside the helmet and end up causing bacteria to form.

However, a removable liner can help you avoid this as you can simply remove the liner and throw it into a washing machine to remove the bacteria. After that, you can simply put the fresh and nice smelling liner right back into the helmet in a matter of moments.

Modular Design

Finally, you will want to consider a modular design for your motorcycle helmet simply because it can make it much easier to put the helmet on and take it off. With most motorcycle helmets, you will have to actually squeeze your head through the small opening at the bottom of the helmet in order to put it on, which can often be unpleasant for many individuals. However, a modular helmet actually allows the whole front of the helmet to open up on a hinge, which makes it much easier to put the helmet on because there is a larger opening to put your head into.

Drop by your local motorcycle accessories dealer today in order to look at the wide range of motorcycle helmets that are available to you and to find the one that is a good fit for you. Bluetooth functionality, a removable liner, and modular design are all good options to consider when buying a new motorcycle helmet.

Also, consider a style like a Bell 500 custom helmet when purchasing a new helmet.